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Not able to make changes!!

I have had this app for over a year I believe. I would like to edit an event and the buttons aren’t working for EDIT, the X for exit, or the box with the arrow in the lower right corner for sharing. I have changed my screen protector, and even put a new one one. This is the only app that I’m having this issue with, with these options. This has been an issue for about 2 weeks. Please fix!!!

Just one more thing...

I love this app and the simplicity of it but I wish when you edit an event you can customize the location so the date take its account the time zones. I’m leaving from Montana to New York and there’s a two hour time difference. I know the countdown will change when I enter a new time zone but I’d rather know the countdown from the very beginning

Buggy and unpredictable

This app is not very reliable. He crashes constantly in the user interface is annoyingly wasteful

What is going on with this app?

Great minimalist design. But that’s it. There’s no way to change the photo or upload a photo. And then I updated the app and have two different apps and have to revenged everything. What an OBNOXIOUS little app. It’s good but not good enough and not worth using. This 4.0 is a 4.NO!


Just started to use. We will see how it goes then I’ll know more.


Can not restore all my dates/events on the upgraded version. Please fix ASAP

Not worth anything

don’t understand why I paid 99 cents for an app that is JUST like the free one. I wish there was a way to get my money back! I’m so frustrated right now. No “dreamday backgrounds” or anything I have to pay .99 cents for all of that too. It’s such a rip off! Stick to the free one!! I’m so disappointed in this app!

This app is a borderline joke for one reason

You have failed to implement one of the most important usability features from an end user standpoint: indication of day of week of the event. I’d expect an 8th grader’s prototype of such an application to include this basic feature. You have hugely failed in this respect. And I’m sorry to be so critical but it’s just fantastic otherwise. So I’d recommend get your enhancement integration process together and fix this, please. - valued but critical customer 🤓


I have the free version & really enjoy it. Then one day the app advertises a free upgrade for the first day of the month. DO NOT BE FOOLED!!! It wasn’t free!! I was charged!! None of my info transferred over either. So now I have 2 apps on my phone for this. The free version that I love & use. And the version I was tricked into buying. $0.99 isn’t a big deal to me, but if you advertise FREE it needs to be free!! The sad thing is I’m not the only one who was tricked. Keep on scrolling through the reviews. You will see plenty more. Seriously, how many people have they screwed out of money by giving a “free” upgrade?? Shame on you. You have a good product, but instead of depending on your product to earn income you lie, cheat, & steal from your customers.

Total crap

Pay for the app, pay for backgrounds, pay for themes. Will I get charged $0.99 for writing this review?

Fix This!!

Overall it's a useful app, BUT PLEASE allow to add more characters to the title of each countdown. I try to make my Days very detailed, but I'm limited to the amount of letters I can use in the title.


I upgraded to get rid of the ads. I logged in and none of the dates in my free app show up in my paid app. Seriously?????? I have to put them all in again. Guess you get what you pay for and 99 cents gets you nothing.

Do NOT upgrade

Upon the most recent launch of the Dreamdays app I was asked to upgrade to the new paid option for newer an additional features. I backed up my data from my old version and once it was done backing up, I opened the new version and 'restored from backup' It over Road all of my saved data and deleted all 72 'days' from my list! After I posted this app I intend on deleting the program and requesting a refund from the Apple store. I will locate a new program that is more stable. Goodbye Dreamdays. You served me well for 2 years until your makers broke you.


Enjoy the neat way you can display dates to remember ‼️😊

Love it!

Awesome app! Can have multiple date set with customized backgrounds! Exactly what I was looking for!

Like it

Worthy of many users like to use the app,its design is top notch. I would love to see hours and possibly seconds in addition to days. Now I can remember anniversaries and how many day's until our holiday is due.

Not as described

The h/m/s functionality does not work, which was the only reason to upgrade from the free version

Not what I wanted

It looks pretty and it's easy to use but the countdown doesn't include hours, minutes, or seconds which is really the fun part of a countdown app. I also wish you could send it to a friend and your countdown would show up in their app.....


I absolutely love this app - I can countdown to my trips, families birthday... anything I want! It's the perfect app and does everything I need it to!

Too simple

Simple app with just a days countdown. The h/m/s does not work. No response from app support.

Cool app

Works great! I love it.

Apple Watch app

I don't really know what to say. Whenever I pay for an app, I expect the app work fine. It is okay on my iPhone, but on my Apple Watch it is a disaster! There are at least 2 copies of each entry!!! What's going on!?

Good app

A great design countdown application. Users can easily set up memo reminders. Countdown to important anniversaries. Very practical. Life must be an application.

Would rate this a 4 but....

I downloaded this app. Paid the 99 cents. Was notified at the end of installation that since this was the beginning of month a new version was available for FREE. I clicked thru got the newer version - it doesn't update the old app it creates a whole new app. Now I have 2! AND to top it off I was charged an additional 99 cents on my Itunes account. If I'm expected to pay 99 cents every month, then I will be deleting this app. If a new app is sent every month, you need to recreate all your events in the new app. This is ridiculous!

Hardly customizable, updates aren't significant

Not worth it.

Love it!

Love it!

Loving it


My kids love it

Totally love the app my 5 yr old daily checks how many days until her birthday. I bought this so I could add more events since the kids enjoy checking it. The interface is very intuitive and it’s simple for kids to use


What an useful application!With Dreamdays, you can easily sort through your countdown events by categories and time,I will highly recommend it to my friends!

This app is great.

I LOVE this app. It is simple, yet so beautiful and effective. A true Must-Buy.

Rip off

I paid for this app a year ago… A splash screen just told me to upgrade it for $.99 a month. I did and it is the very same app I had a year ago. So I just threw a dollar at nothing.

Great App! One issue...

This is a great app, and everything I was looking for in a countdown app! But if I'm going to pay for an app I'd rather see updates than a new app every time... I don't want to have to keep paying for a new app every time you guys want to add features or update it. Please just update this one, I love it!

Great! Except..

I would give this app five stars if you would add one feature: have the ability to only count weekdays. I like to use the app for school year count downs but it can't count only weekdays, which makes it less accurate in terms of school days. Add a way to customize the days it counts and this app will receive five stars from me! Thanks


Just found it after discovering my last countdown app must have gone extinct. But this one is 100% better, given all the great Options and the possibility of using your own photos. Really fun to see my wanted events coming

Amazing app

It is a big help to get my events straight I tend to forget so this is the best for me and very cute. Totally worth downloading if you like counting down the days to big events

Pretty nice

This is great and efficient. I recommend it to any and everyone who has a date for an occasion. This will not let it get pass you. Great background pictures or you can use your own pictures for that moment


Set the countdown time for your important anniversary. Simple to set up and easy to use.

Like it

Enjoying that I can have count downs for this year vacations and next year that we already have planned. Could have a countdown for anything important. Love the ability to customize you events with your picture that make your event list personalized

I like it

Just found this app after discovering my last countdown app must have gone extinct. But this one is 100% better, given all the great options and the possibility if using your own photos or memos and you can share it with everyone. It never crashes on my phone and works smoothly. Love it so much


This is a very efficient way to keep up with how long you’ve been dating and how long until anniversaries, birthdays and also vacations. Nice design and easy to navigate, love it


I use this as a sobriety counter and reminder of the progress being made. It’s so Simple to Use, pleasing to the eye and I really like being able to use my favorite pictures as the Background


I am getting married in a few months and I love seeing the minutes, hours and days go by until the big day! The app has good design and features, helps you easily organize your events

Super handy

Very cute! My girls love it! They get to practice their numbers and time plus countdown to Christmas! Can add other events to countdown to as well. Like the class party coming up

Very helpful

This app allows me to use my own pics and countdown to my events. I like the days until when the app is closed. I can also share with my family members for big events or holidays. My goals are always accessible for me .Really good


This is really awesome app for keeping the date since something happen and when something will happen! Used to have another one that had down to the seconds but just as amazing! Love it

Very handy

This tool is so amazing and friendly. I look at it everyday just to see how close Christmas is. It works really well and having the option to use your pictures as background, I’m in love with it

Good job

I love all the integrated features! Clean and simple to use, fairly prices and helps you easily track your big days

Really nice

Very pleased with the app and its features. You can have many events at the same time, which is useful for me. I also like the variety of given backgrounds and that you can upload your own

Good app!

It is true that my applications are looking for, it's very convenient for me. The interface is designed very professional and logic, partial contents are closely linked. I use this app to set a timetable My daily. I will share to everyone and your friends to know and use this application.

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